Fitness for a healthy body

Fitness for a healthy body photos from the service Every girl and woman wants to look one hundred percent. This is the ideal body shape. Everyone in the society of the perfect standard should strive to achieve this goal. The main factors that lead to a dissatisfied body shape are the absence of vitamins and minerals, the use of harmful products, the lack of recovery time after the activity, and the continuous litany of medical problems that follow.The problem of the perfect body is definitely related to nutrition. The presence of toxins in the body causes serious and irreversible changes. This is not about overeating or drinking water. This is a psychological problem, a lack of nutrition.The perfect body has a caloric content of about 1,400 kcal per 100 g. This allows a person to live forever. This is not possible if there are toxic substances in the body and they do not get enough vitamins. vitamins. The perfect body has a weight of about 1030 g and has a surface area of about 7 square meters. This allows a person to breathe and move freely. This is not cheap meat and unnecessary plastic. This is the real secret of a healthy body.No diseases result from a lack of vitamins.Vitamin A is essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system, the fight against viruses and other "inking" parasites that cause nervous disorders. If the body lacks its vitamin A, the work of the nervous system is disrupted, problems with the heart and other important organs appear. The process of assimilation of vitamin A leads to the deposition of excess fat, which is the main cause of diseases.In order to get the vitamin A they need, the body must consume foods with vitamin B6. These are vegetables, cereals, fish, legumes, nuts, cereals, cereals, fish, nuts, and dairy products. The process of getting vitamin B6 is similar to the one involving food coloring. Vitamins B6 and C5 groups assimilation takes place in the morning. Those who consume a lot of red meat and seafood are well treated. Those who eat a little and a lot, however, do not get the benefit of this luxury.A person who systematically avoids fatty foods gets the best results. The body gets the necessary amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fatty acids have a direct negative effect on the reproductive system. Therefore, active resistance to various pathogens, especially bacteria, is necessary before conception. In addition, many products lacking essential fatty acids. Therefore, it is necessary to check the composition of the diet and its optimal ratio. It is enough to drink a glass of water between meals. And also consume vitamin rich foods from fruits to avoid bloating and flatulence.9 useful properties of fresh figs.Several thousand units of healthy fat are required every day. This heavy, complex and healthy fat requires a perfect balance. There is nothing worse than fatty liver and large